Our Story

Rosanne Malta, Owner

About Noel and me

I want to share with you the story of me and my dogs, how I came to start this business of giving special care to pets, and why you should consider using my service. It was Xmas of 1998 when a special pup was born on the Big Island of Hawaii. The breeder specialized in Bichon Frieses and put an ad in the paper. I was living on Maui, working for a resort and caring for my Mom who had Alzheimer’s.

Although she had caregivers during the day, her evenings and my days off were often lonely and isolated for her since Mom had difficulty communicating and was slowly withdrawing. I saw the ad, spoke with the breeder and my new pup was waiting in a crate at our local airport 8 weeks later. I peered into the crate to see a harp seal face and fuzzy little body – yes, it was love. I didn’t know how Mom would react since she never really liked pets while I was growing up, but this dog I named Noel gave her so much joy that she found new reasons to stay in the moment and enjoy more of each day. Eventually, I took Noel to the local Alzheimer Center so she could interact with others – especially those who had given up trying to have social conversations with people. Mom passed away with Noel on her bed and I knew I wanted another dog to keep Noel company.

Popo joins the family

Thus entered Popo. Popo was a runt and very undersized but she has a mischievous, sweet nature. In 2005 we all moved back to the mainland to live in Henderson, Nevada. It was there that I first encountered the problem of finding someone to care for my “babies” when I traveled. Noel had food allergies and they each dogshad different diets. I created two pages of instructions for everything – different colored food bowls, filtered water, supplements, walking routes, etc. Neighbors and friends would sometimes volunteer to “stop by and feed them” but they had no patience for following my instructions.

My petsitting begins

Finally I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful lady who was a retired registered nurse and owned a large, very professional petsitting service. Her clients ranged from retired people, casino workers, and famous performers to people with very valuable show dogs and cats. She was very caring and her energy was contagious. I was so impressed that I even offered to help her with her business. She became my mentor. We took care of animals needing medications, physical therapy after surgery, new puppies, old wise cats and loud birds! She had the same philosophy as my Dad, i.e. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” So I learned all about the business and worked with her for five years before deciding to move to Northern California in 2010 to be near my family.

Petsitting in Sonoma

catI started my own petsitting business in Sonoma in January 2010. It has been a gratifying journey to see it grow and know that the clients that continue to call me have peace of mind and can truly enjoy being away from their home knowing their beloved pets are enjoying the same attention and routine. My clients can call me anytime. I leave a detailed pet visit report so they know about everything that’s happened and, most of all, I view their pets as babies under my care and watch over them carefully.

Take a look at our Pet Gallery Page – all those sweet little faces! Ask me for local references. Just call and we’ll talk about all your needs and concerns. I have the time for you...

Rosanne Malta, Owner
A Mother’s Love Petsitting